College Park’s Espire® Hub makes setup easier than ever. Using a wireless Bluetooth connection, prosthetists have access to control strategy and device customization. There’s no need to send the prosthesis back to the manufacturer to change configuration or terminal devices. College Park will send prosthetists a free iPad upon their first Espire Pro or Hybrid purchase.* Simply call College Park for the ability to reconfigure the elbow. Easier adjustments ensure patients won’t have to go without their prosthesis.

College Park will send prosthetists a free iPad upon their first Espire purchase. The Espire Hub is available for download in the App Store.


Espire Hub Application


Once you choose a control scheme (First Come, First Serve or Maximum), you can adjust the high and low threshold of each signal. Watch the live signal data and see when it crosses a threshold. You can also adjust the speed as you see fit.


If switching between devices is necessary, those settings can be adjusted here! With Myoelectric control, there are several options on how to initiate a switch. You may choose Co-Contract, Double Pulse, or Hold Open, under the Control Scheme tab in the upper left corner of the screen.

Advanced Control

The Espire® Hub allows for Advanced Control, also known as 4-channel control. Advanced Control is an alternative control method for high-functioning users who want to eliminate switching between two devices.

Espire Hub October 2019 Updates

Based on your valued feedback, College Park has made some important updates to the Espire Elbow’s firmware and Hub app. These improvements will provide patients with more freedom.

What’s new?

  • Haptic feedback activation is available in every Espire Pro and Hybrid.
  • Calibration of TruSignal™ myoelectrodes is now easier than ever, as the Hub app records more information to help with troubleshooting.
  • Your patient now has more options for switching, including auto-return and advanced switching. This allows patients to use double-pulse, short co-contract, and long co-contract to control separate degrees of freedom.
  • Compatibility with more pattern recognition technology like Coapt Gen2!

NOTE: Before you update the Espire Hub app, please call our technical service team at (586)294-7950. It is important that we walk you through the process. Updating the firmware on the Espire Pro or Hybrid will result in loss of your settings and configuration.

Espire Hub App Training

Welcome to the Espire Elbow Hub training video. The goal of this video is to provide detailed training on all areas of the Espire application for the iPad and to ensure learners are comprehending each main content area. See full playlist of all the Espire training videos for more information.